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Our Mission



State Outline

The Division of Water and Waste Management's mission is to preserve and enhance West Virginia's watersheds for the benefit and safety of all.

The Division of Water and Waste Management strives to meet its mission through implementation of programs controlling surface and groundwater pollution caused by industrial and municipal discharges as well as oversight of construction, operation and closure of hazardous and solid waste and underground storage tank sites.  In addition, the Division works to protect, restore, and enhance West Virginia's watersheds through comprehensive watershed assessments, groundwater monitoring, wetlands preservation, inspection and enforcement of hazardous and solid waste disposal and proper operation of underground storage tanks.

Water and Waste Management News




  • April 16, 2014 - Filing of Interpretive Rule 47CSR2A
4/16/2014  Tier 3 Waters Interpretive Rule
4/16/2014 Briefing Document
4/16/2014  Fiscal Note 
4/16/2014  Public Notice 




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Water Quality Standards 

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