Permits received in the last 60 days. The zip file contains an ESRI shapefile. The dbf file can be used with Excel. Last updated 10-Nov-08

1. Query form/results window. shows controls for performing querys on the well database, and displays query results. Users can query by API number, well atttributes, or zoom to a coordinate on the map.

2. Well info window. Displays information about an individual well, including production tables and graphs.

3. Map window. Displays well locations, along with roads, streams, county coundaries, and towns. Users can zoom, pan, and query wells by selecting the "?" tool and drawing a rectangle on the map. Wells selected using the query tool are displayed in the query results window. The map initially displays wells issued in the last 30 days. At scales less than 100,000, all wells become visible.

New Wells. Well permits received in the last 60 days.
Wells. Oil&Gas Well locations. Created from coordinate information entered in the WVDEP's ERIS database. Because of the density of points, this layer only becomes visible when zoomed-in.
County boundaries. Digitized from 7.5' USGS Topographic maps.
Streams. At scales of 1/50,000 and larger-- 1/24,000 scale National Hydrology Dataset, including polygon waterbodies and wide streams, and wetlands. From 1/50,000-1/100,000-- 1/100,000 scale EPA Reach. At 1/100,000 and smaller-- subset of 1/100,000 scale EPA Reach.
Roads. Displays primary highways at small scales, 1/100,000 scale roads (from TIGER Dataset) at scales greater than 1/75,000.
Towns/Populated Places. Displays major towns at scales smaller than 1/100,000 or populated place names from the USGS GNIS database at scales greater than 1/100,000.
Zoom in. Zooms in to area represented by rectangle drawn on the map.
Zoom out. Zooms out based on the size of the rectangle drawn. A smaller rectangle results in a larger zoom.
Pan. Hold the left mouse button down and drag the map to recenter
Zoom in 2x. Click on the map to zoom in by a fixed amount. The display will be recentered on the location of the mouse click on the map display.
Zoom out 2x. Click on the map to zoom out by a fixed amount. The display will be recentered on the location of the mouse click on the map display.
Query. Returns info for wells that fall within a rectangle drawn on the map. A single mouse click will cause the query to perform a select-by-point operation with a 3-pixel radius. Query results are displayed in a window to the left of the map.
Reset. Resets the map to a state-wide extent
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West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP) makes Oil and gas well information and production data available to the general public through this internet service free of charge.

These oil and gas related data are originated from the information reported to the Office of Oil and Gas at WVDEP by West Virginia oil and gas operators. WVDEP does not guarantee accuracy, precision, or completeness.

Neither the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection nor its staff members are liable or responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of these data or from inaccuracies contained in the data.

We encourage you to report any problems, inconsistencies, or errors noted in using these data to the Office of Oil and Gas so that we can correct them and provide better service.